Thursday, February 10, 2011

Was terribly sick.

I've been away for a while because I've been pretty sick.

About 10 days ago, I got a severe attack of rashes all over my body, then fell sick with a fever and cough and was hospitalised because the doctors wanted to observe me (they listed me as an emergency case). Last Wednesday night was spent at the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis and I was feeling very, very lonely indeed. At first, I wanted to have a private room, which isn't possible in this country, but in the end, I was glad that I had 4 other people with me in the ward to keep me company in the silence of the night.

Well, I say silence, but the air was mostly filled with nighttime farts from the old man next to me, sudden yells from the old man diagonally opposite and groans of pain from the woman nearest to the door, which actually sounded more like orgasmic groans, but... yeah.

There was a patient lying opposite me, but from the time I walked into the ward, he had his whole body covered with the sheet. And I was so curious about him because I didn't know if he was a male or female and if he was young or old. Even the next morning at dawn, when the nurses came to check our vitals, I perked my ears up to hear a voice, but all I heard was the nurse asking him questions and apparently getting the answers telepathetically.

Anyway, today, I'm feeling better mentally and physically. I still have dark marks all over my body which should be healing eventually. The only thing I hate is waking up every night with agonisingly itchy ankles, which are swollen.

I also have an appointment in a week with the dermatologist, who took a skin biopsy when I was at the hospital. Oh, that was a little scary cuz I didn't know how big or how deep she would go. I ended up getting stitched back up because I wouldn't stop bleeding. It must've been pretty deep then, eh!

To lighten the mood, let's look at a photo I took at a photo booth during the fashion exhibition at the Maritiem Museum:

Had a good laugh? I was busy concentrating on keeping my head within the marked areas when I pressed 'Foto maken' and they didn't have a countdown, which is why I ended up with a face looking like this. Poo.


frachely said...

O-M-G! that's why u've been MIA on twitter/msn for the past week!thought u were just busy with work! Good to know tht u're getting better!

The hospital experience is really kind of terrible. Can't believe they don't separate the guys and women.

Oh and the photo is not that bad, all runway models have that perpetually blank expression too hehe

elleLee said...

And the nighttime farting! But eww.