Thursday, February 17, 2011

First girl's night out in Rotterdam

So after nearly a year of being here, I've finally had my first girl's night out in Rotterdam. It wasn't a girl's night out in the usual sense, what I mean is that it was just a dinner outing with only girls. Nothing like going wild in sexy clothes and getting drunk or anything. Hehe.

I was quite excited about it because it would also be the first time I've biked somewhere with girls for an outing. I'd never done it as a schoolkid (as frachely pointed out that it's a normal thing for schoolkids) so don't blame me for being excited :P

Anyway, we were supposed to head to Taj Mahal for all-you-can-eat Indian, but it turns out that they don't do it anymore. So they asked me for suggestions since I'm apparently known to be the Rotterdam restaurant connoisseur. I don't think so myself, but well, it's not a bad thing to be associated with.

Eventually, we chose Chinatown Takeaway (which isn't a takeaway restaurant) on West-Kruiskade, ie. Chinatown. All of them had never had Chinese food before so they were asking about how to eat and how to choose food. And thankfully everyone simply loved the food. We ordered sweet and sour pork, beef in black bean sauce and a plate of vegetables with bamboo (cuz CaroBrasilia just loves bamboo).

It was a lovely night and it felt nice to be part of a girl's group again :) Two of the girls live along the route back home, mine being the first, so it was nice to have company all the way back while making plans for a movie outing soon.

Hopefully more to come!


frachely said...

Aww! good for u!!

I said it's normal for school kids but I've never done that before either, more used to getting fetched around if I were to meet my friends for outings haha

but I was quite an outdoor girl *gasps during primary school days and all my childhood friends were boys so we cycled around the neighborhood quite often!

Mumsy said...

nice. good to have friends around, esp girls for the occasional girly talk :)