Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam (finally!)

After nearly a year of living in Rotterdam, I finally visited a museum. I feel so ashamed for myself, but my excuse is that I've been busy immersing myself and transforming myself into a Dutch person. Which pretty much means someone who never sees what is right there in their own home. Or does that only apply to Malaysians?

Anyway, the perfect opportunity came when I saw that the Maritiem Museum (Maritime Museum in English, I didn't spell it wrongly) was holding an exhibition on naval-inspired haute couture over the centuries. Sounded right up my alley, so I invited CaroBrasilia and we headed over there.

We actually found out at the end of the exhibition that we had entered from the exit. Oops. So basically, this really nice-looking collection of naval equipment was in the front of the exhibition, explaining the purpose of the whole exhibition, and we only saw this at the end.

Believe me, the clothes actually look waaaay better on the models (they have little screens showing the actual catwalk shows) than on these mannequins.

I do really like that outfit with the hood thingy and yellow boots though.

After this, we headed to the general museum area and then to the actual ship just next to the building.

We checked out the decks below where the sailors work, but nothing pretty there. A few things to play with, which were quite fun though. And a really scary basement area where they kept naughty sailors. I was actually quite scared when I walked down there alone cuz they only had UV lights, and they had sounds of sailors groaning and mumbling insanely. Also little notices on the doors and the walls about what they had done and crazy things like that.

This is the nice part, where the captain and the guests hang out.

The captain's quarters are at the tip of the boat and it's so beautiful! I really love that sofa stretching on the back wall all around the room.

I couldn't resist a silly picture on the WC.

Schrobbenmaster came to join us later and was forced into the pic muahahaha.

The eating quarters. It looks really IKEA to me. Except for the people sleeping on the hammocks next to the tables.

Some items from the sailor's lockers.

A typical boys' scene.

From the ship deck. It looks so nice!

And if we're in luck, we will be living in one of those tall buildings there very soon *crossing fingers*!

Yah, it was pretty cold there, hence the beanie and gloves :P Plus, I biked to the museum.

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