Friday, March 04, 2011

The big step

In our living room right at this moment is the real estate agent who is going to sell our current house.

We spent the past hour or so taking photos (with Schrobbenmaster's awesome camera - the quality of photos are SO important when selling a house) and organising the rooms in order to show what new owners can expect. Meaning removing overly personal items, matching up all our towels and ornaments...

And starting from tonight, I'll be sleeping with a big, ugly, blue and yellow 'Te Koop' (For Sale) sign outside the window next to my bed.

After weeks of searching, visiting, negotiating and doubts, we've finally made the big step and made it official. It's scary making such a huge decision, especially when it's a house you're actually fond of and there's nothing really wrong with it. But I guess it's a part of life to have to leave something behind in order to get something better.

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Mumsy said...

look forward to better things