Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When Charles visited from Paris

I just realised that I have a folder of photos to put on my blog and they go waaaaaaay back. I've already deleted many that aren't even interesting anymore. But here are a few from when Charles came to Rotterdam for the weekend to visit his friend Ludo. It was quite a significant meeting because it was through Charles that I met Ludo, and through Ludo that I was suddenly introduced to the world of expats in Rotterdam.

Unfortunately, by now, Ludo has finished his contract in Rotterdam and is back in Paris. Nice guy and very sociable, albeit with a really strong French accent. Hopefully we can meet up again soon.

After breakfast at Bagels n Beans in Rotterdam, we decided to have a day out in Amsterdam. We parked the car at our office then walked past the houseboats to the tram.

Me and Charles on the tram.

People enjoying the sunny summer's day. There was also some breakdancing going on over there on the right.

Walking around the centre and through the street market selling flowers, tulip bulbs (most important!) and some children's marijuana growing kit.

I'm not quite sure what kind of conversation is going on here between the both of them, but the guy with the camera behind there sure is interested.

Charles collects photos of beer, beer and beer. Sometimes cocktails.

Just a nice scenic Amsterdammy photo for your viewing pleasure. And to get frachely even more excited.

Time for bed now! G'nite peeps, xxx.

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frachely said...

elaborate more on the "children's marijuana growing kit" please. Kthxbai