Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clubbing in Rotterdam

Otherwise known as the attempt to club in Rotterdam.

A few months ago, our company organised an event where we hired a DJ and a VJ. And I mean a VJ that creates visuals on a big display behind the decks to enhance the music played, not those MTV hosts on TV.

Anyway, after the event, the VJ, Ian, invited us to a gig he was playing later that month at Watt in Rotterdam. Watt is one of the bigger clubs in the city so I was quite excited about going. It was supposed to be a techno/electronic sorta night as well.

It was also the first time I'd be biking to a club. Haha, how quaint is that?? Turns out the night wasn't as I expected it to be...

As you know, dark places and little cameras don't work too well together. That's the DJ. The VJ has his place one floor above and opposite the DJ in order to look at the screen that's behind the DJ.

And I guess you can see why it wasn't the sort of exciting, happening night I expected. Geez, the only people our age were probably the staff.

I'm only putting this photo up because I have so little of our 'clubbing' night.

Some younger people, but well, they don't look half as good as we do back in KL, do they?

To close off this post, I guess I should also reveal that Watt is now closed down because they lost the support from the government. Yeahhhh apparently places like clubs are supported by the government because they're considered to be part of 'culture'. But I guess Watt just didn't do well enough.

One last thing... it's so friggin hard to get mixed drinks in clubs here. It's just beer, beer or beer. The only mixed drink you can get is with a Red Bull. And that costs €7,50 compared to €3 for a beer!! I hate clubbing here.

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frachely said...

HAHHAHAHA at the biking to club part hahah funnnny!!

and HAHAHAHAHHA at the crowd.

lastly, ok so I know what to order if we go clubbing when I'm there haha