Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rotterdam's architecture, expat meetups and randoms

Now that frachely has gone back to Singapore, I have a little more time on my hands to blog. Work is still going insanely, but at least for the rest of the month and October, I can work from home. Saves a lot of travel time indeed!

It was really great to have frachely over, shopping and taking pictures (almost) shamelessly like an Asian. Will put up some pictures later on. First off, I still need to clear my Blog folder on my desktop!

Is this photo too large? Does the pizza look too yummy? Does my leather jacket look amazing or what? Oh daymn, now I've made myself want to eat this.

Rotterdam is one of the more modern cities in NL. As a result of the heavy bombing by the Nazis during WW2, lots of its old, charming Dutch buildings were ruined. It's a pity, but a blessing in disguise, that they now have the space and opportunity to make this an interesting architectural city.

While driving to the DIY warehouse one day, I took photos of the various buildings we passed.

I think this is a building for creatives. All sorts of creative agencies gather together in one building and they can use one another's resources and talents.

Kind of eye-boggling.

The Euromast. Why does every city have to have a tall tower for tourists? :S

Yes, we also have our share of sex clubs and coffee shops. It's not just in Amsterdam, geez.

The Erasmus bridge. It's really nice at night.

I really like the gradient on that skyscraper. Very cool. Not like the gradient pink of our Menara KL.

Onto some random pics to brighten up your day...

Piercing stare from our Pim. Probably glaring at someone who didn't fill up his breakfast bowl.

Wow, this was a long time ago. Firstly, it was summer, hence only one layer of clothing (as opposed to all frachely's holiday photos where we're wearing 2 to 3 layers). And it was during the World Cup, when Albert Heijn supermarket was giving out these orange "beasties". You could see it on almost every car, on their antennas or their mirrors. Pim really likes it.

This was at one of our few expat meetups. Was held at Hotel New York, across the Erasmus bridge. And because we figured we'd be having some alcohol, we took our bikes there. I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS FRIGGIN HELLISH TO BIKE OVER THE ERASMUS BRIDGE.

And I had to do it twice! I'm not exaggerating, I nearly passed out on my bike :S

There were several nationalities there that night. Was nice and comfortable. Just too bad about that bridge.

Okay, Pim is now walking back and forth in front of my computer demanding attention, so this post will come to a halt right here.

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