Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Top 10

For all the complaining that I do about Dutchland, I know that I should be thankful for being here as well. Some of the reasons are:

  1. I have a stable job and I'm still a designer, not a supermarket cashier (!)
  2. I'm earning in euros (well... it better start improving)
  3. We have a car that we don't have to pay for
  4. Pretty flowers in summer on the balcony
  5. I have the opportunity to learn a foreign language and culture
  6. People are (mostly) friendly and speak English
  7. Cleaner air and water
  8. I can travel around Europe more easily
  9. Cleaner public toilets
  10. Super fast internet
Then again, maybe I haven't complained enough...

  1. It's too bloody cold to shower for half the year
  2. Things and places are older and less modern-equipped
  3. I feel so pressured to speak Dutch
  4. Can't see my family, friends or my dogs
  5. Food is only half as good and not cheap
  6. Moviegoing and other Malaysian "necessities" are expensive
  7. The Dutch selfishness, masked as "individualism"
  8. No good mix drinks in clubs
  9. I can't buy books or magazines in English - small selection + very expensive
  10. Less variety of affordable boutiques (ie. no Telawi)


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Mumsy said...

well said... nothing like home, but life's an adventure too