Saturday, June 05, 2010


Several weeks ago, Schrobbenmaster and I went to visit his elder brother and family, who live in Amsterdam. It was to see his little nephew, Tijn, for his 5th birthday.

We had a typical Dutch spring dinner of little boiled potatoes, yummy ham slices, asperges (I think it's small asparagus), yummy boiled eggs and... I think that's it? It was really lekker.

After dinner we had some cake, and since it was just before Koninginnedag (Queen's Day), where everyone displays loud and proud national colour orange everywhere, our cake had an orange layer on top instead of the usual... pink, I think.

Wasn't a big fan of this cake, as the bottom biscuit layer was REALLY hard and really messed up the whole cake whenever I tried to cut a piece off to eat.

After dinner, Schrobbenmaster, his brother, brother's wife and I stayed at the table to chat, while Tijn played with his new Lego tractor. Then all of a sudden, we hear a bump and a huge swelling yell coming from his direction.

Poor boy had slipped and fallen onto his Lego tractor, scraping his elbow :( After lots of screaming and yelling and pampering and coaxing, Tijn's dad brought out a little mirror and showed him his crying reflection, which had the desired effect of causing instant laughter from the little 5-year old. So cute!

After which, I found a little bruise on his knee and asked if I could take a photo of him, and he gladly obliged with a pose.

He obviously doesn't speak English, so it was quite interesting trying to get some contact with him in the little Dutch that I can converse in. So we moved on to what kids know best: playing balloons.

And apparently in bed that night he told his mother: "I like Junee very much!", and another time the next day at his party, "Is Junee coming today?".



Mumsy said...

niceee... kids love us... :)

frachely said...

u can teach him art nyehehe

elleLee said...

YAAA how come kids like us...
I did come to a conclusion the other day that kids have really really good people instincts. Notice how most meanies never get kids liking 'em? And how kids can see angels. So...I think we've got plenty o' angels in and around us. Her her.