Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coffee breaks in Rotterdam I

Sometimes eating out is too expensive (and the quality of food not as hoped) but we wanna head out on a nice sunny day. So we go for coffee and cakes. Here are two places - besides Bagels n Beans - that we go to once in a while.

Mockamore on Korte Hoogstraat
Very trendy place, sometimes with queues coming in - doesn't say an awful much about the place though, since as you can see, the door is right next to the ordering counter. The coffee and service is just normal, but prices are pretty steep. One would only go there for the trendiness and cosy look of the place. However, there are loads of cafes that look like this in KL anyway, so, nah, I'm not gonna be hanging out very often here.

Cappuccino on Korte Hoogstraat
I really like the look of this place. It looks posh, and while it could easily go wrong and look more like a wannabe bar, it does succeed very well. Always very packed and it is worth the steeper prices and smaller portions of drinks just because the ambience works.

It's not really this dark in there ;)

Look at my chocolate-flavoured cappuccino!

So nicely presented! The chocolate chunks were tasty too. It's almost like a snack instead of just a drink. I like!

Not very busy at work today, so I'm working on my next post already... photos from a birthday party I attended on, well, the 1st of May.


Wow, the internet of the whole office just went down, causing my post to be halted on its way to blogger. Thank goodness the whole thing is still here (I think). And that's why I disappeared off MSN for so long, apologies, frachely!

And this whole internet going down thing is due to... the World Cup!!! So many people are watching live streams via internet that it just couldn't take it. Wow. At least it gave us an early day home :D

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