Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coffee breaks in Rotterdam II

I forgot to post about this place yesterday amidst all the internet going haywire and dying on us in Amsterdam. During the Netherlands match. I suppose you can guess why it died :)

Urban Espresso Bar on Pannekoekstraat (website)

I actually forgot the name of this place, but one thing I love about NL is that you can find anything and everything online, even a small cafe such as this. Well, it's small, but it's trendy. I've even seen people sitting outside in drizzle at this place. Which is ridiculous to me, but I dunno, maybe their showers aren't working.

The name of this street is also really cute, if you haven't noticed it yet from last year's 'Word of the Day's. Pannekoekstraat means Pancake Street. And awesomely, there is a pancake restaurant right on the corner of the street. Never been there though.

Anyway, at this cafe I had a 'Rijk Chocolade Taart', which means Rich Chocolate Cake. Not many places have chocolate cakes, so I jumped on this immediately, of course.

It looks yummy, doesn't it? It was just okay though. I know I've been spoilt by Alexis' awesome awesome oh-so-awesome Chocolate Cinnamon cake, but I can still tell when another chocolate cake is good or not. I would definitely order this again, but only because there's nothing better around.

Schrobbenmaster had an apple tart, which he really enjoyed. Also, he finally got his wish for lemon tea, which isn't to be found in many places here. Apple tart though, you can find absolutely everywhere. I'm not a big fan though, as I find that the apple can be either too sweet or sour sometimes. I'm more a fan of the pastry part of tarts. I love it when bakers get the right texture of pastry. Which is why I'm also quite picky with my egg tarts. But of course, sigh... being here, I have to suck it up and eat whatever quality of egg tarts I can find.

To end, here's a really cute picture of Pim.

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