Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Me workin' out at the gym, man, yeah

Kekeke... I just saw that someone landed on my blog by searching for "Malay boobs".


I just came back from a workout at the gym. It's been YEARS since I've been to the gym downstairs. I've at least made a little use of the service fee I pay monthly to the condo. The last time I visited a gym was California Fitness in Mid Valley. A friend had VIP coupons to give out, so I had a month's access.

So I joined a hip hop dance class, which was quite fun. I always prefer dancing to working out. Repetitive movements just bore me. Funny though, that repetitive design is one of my favourite kind of designs. Go figure.

Anyway, working out was fine. Felt like fainting (okay, not quite so dramatic) when doing the Runmaster thingy. The one where you place your feet on the pedals and move like you're running and you hold the handles with your hands also moving back and forth. Tried to keep a constant speed and managed to reach 1km. That was my goal because by the time I reached 0.5km I was already panting like a sick dog. Very proud that I reached 1km running. Will try a bit more each time. It's actually quite an achievement for me because my stamina is incredibly bad. When I was still doing ballet weekly, it was improving noticeably (well, I did go for nearly five years). But once I stopped, whoosh! Bye bye, stamina.

Did some stretching as well, which felt good. Stretching always makes me feel nice. I hate sweating, which is why I hardly work out and do stretches, but I've been feeling like such a slob lately.

I think I'll reward myself with toast and butter now. Muahahahaha.

Oh yes, I wanted to say that slim people still have to work out in order to tone up. I was watching an old episode of Gastineau Girls, where the modelling agency told Brittny that she had to tone up. She's absolutely slim, but they wanted her toned. So it got me thinking, yeah, even though you're thin or slim, you still gotta have a nice muscle tone.

I really dislike seeing girls who aren't fat, in their office clothes, in those pants that hug your legs, and seeing that their legs are actually flabby and wobbly when they walk. Hello, girls, you may not be fat but you still look awful when your thighs are soft and wobble about in those tight pants. Not to mention that those kinda (cheap) pants usually come in thinner material that don't hold your legs in nicely.

I definitely don't wanna be one of the kinds of people I insult, so I decided to do something about my body before my ballet muscles completely disappear. I really hope I can find somewhere nice to dance in Rotterdam.

Oh gawd I hope I get my permit soon.

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