Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sookie's open house and food at Delicious Dua Residency

Happy news! I have loads of photos to accompany my activities the past week! Been making use of my new phone camera - one of those advanced cameras that actually make photo-taking more difficult because you can't breathe while pressing the snap button because of all the auto focus rubbish on it.

Anyway, to start off, here's a pic of my cousin's really cute beagle, Labelle.

When they brought her over to Mumsy Bumsy's place for dinner, she couldn't stop chasing Maxi (who moved there with Foxy before CNY) all around the house. She must have had the serious hots for him because she didn't even chase Foxy.

The next day, I headed to Sookie's house in KL for her open house. She had a really huge one as usual, with lion dance included.

They were pretty awesome, performing acrobatics in her driveway.

And now inside the house, blessing the various rooms. Normally the lions go into all the rooms, but these just stayed on the ground floor at the living area and kitchen.

Friends at the open house.

Heading home for dinner. Twin Towers up ahead... and lots of traffic!

The next night, I joined Sookie and two of her friends at Delicious at Dua Residency. I never knew they had a fine dining section, but it's really nice and has really good food as well.

Nice selection of wines.

I'm pretty sure those lights are the same as the ones in Alexis BSC, because I've also snapped a shot of those lights and tweeted about how I liked the way they shine upwards.

The steaks at Delicious are supposed to be superb. And indeed they are.

And for the last part, complimentary passionfruit marshmallows and chocolate truffles for each of us. It was so awesome, only mine was left at the end for me to take a photo of.

The bakery section also located in the same area.

What a small world it is, when one of Sookie's friends announces that she has another friend dropping by to meet her for drinks. Turns out to be a really old friend of mine, Clarence (seated on the left). He hadn't had dinner yet, but the kitchen was already closed downstairs (at 10.30pm), so we headed up to the normal Delicious cafe.

Same look as the Bangsar branch.

I didn't stick around for long upstairs as I had asked Mumsy Bumsy for a ride home and she arrived soon after we had moved up.

It was a nice night, catching up with friends and seeing a new dining place in KL.

More photos coming up, but it's time for Sunday dinner... darn, I'm still really really full from lunch and a Starbucks session earlier.

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frachely said...

wah, nice photos u've got there. can't see anybody's face. good job at making everyone anonymous hehe