Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tailoring at Lord's and quick trip to Melaka

When Schrobbenmaster was here, he took several beautiful pictures of my dogs so that I'd be able to look at them when living in NL. I don't quite know if that's the best thing to do, since whenever I see them, I miss them. Out of sight, out of mind works for me. Still, it's really brilliant having very good portraits of them doing their silly tricks all day.

He also wanted to get affordable tailor-made jackets and shirts here, so after much asking around, we chose to go to Lord's in BSC, as it has a very good reputation. We were a bit apprehensive that it might cost way more than others, but in the end, we thought the prices were fitting with the kind of quality and service that we received.

We spent some time selecting fabrics and found two for jackets and only one for a shirt. Well, if you're paying that much, you don't want to just simply select any fabric and go with it. You have to feel really comfortable with your selection.

At the fitting.

As I mentioned before, Schrobbenmaster's parents had come down to KL for a few days. Naturally, Melaka was one of their chosen places to visit, so one day we headed down for a quick trip.

Christ Church Melaka, probably one of the country's most photographed buildings. This is a nice angle though. Without bleedin' tourists in it.

Man selling art prints.

On the top of the stairs of the Stadthuys - by the way, to clear things up, in easy-to-write English pronunciation, Stadthuys should sound like STUD-HOUS, it means city hall - there is a man selling prints of old drawings. There were a few different styles and we chose 5 for RM20. Pretty good deal for nice drawings of the city and landmarks.

On St Paul's hill. I think.

It was such a bleedin' hot day in Melaka that day. After taking photos here, we had to escape to some Pahlawan Mall or something like that. Sat in Starbucks, put Mopiko on mosquito bites and had some coffee and cake.

That's all for now, back to work! Groaannnnn...


elleLee said...

haha malay boobs! i get several visits from people who search "mopping pornstar". which was my friend mopping the floor and dancing one kind.-.-

the dogs. :(((

elleLee said...

oh yes, my friend really likes notepads and LOVES yours. :) how much are they again?

shoobaba said...

is there a famous mopping pornstar?! why would ppl search for that if not?!

They're RM12 for one. It's 100... uh... pages? Aiyah give discount since I'm leaving lah, RM8.