Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When it's time, it's time.

I used to wonder when a good time to change slippers (flip flops) was.

I used to just change mine whenever some stick-on logo had fallen off, or when I saw cute ones in the store and replaced my old ones with those.

But now that I'm older and things like fallen-off logos and the rotten state of my slippers don't bother me anymore, when is a good time?

I found the answer out tonight while walking Freelance Grace (see how subtly I manage to promote her newfound freelance writer freedom?) out from my home.

It had been raining heavily while she was over chit chatting and taking some of my magazines back (God bless her, I have less things to pack guiltily now). Incidentally this magazine giveaway is Stage 2 of Operation Bye Bye KL, anyone interested, do leave a note at the end of the post. I have Vogues, Bazaars, Glamours, NYLONs, FHMs and lots of creative mags and annuals.


As I was walking out with her, I suddenly slipped on the smooth tiles in front of the minimarket. It was all I could do to remain upright. Phew! Don't wanna twist my ankle again, and definitely not on the icky wet tiles of the common area.

And that's when I realised... it's time to change my slippers.


I completed Stage 1 of Operation Bye Bye KL tonight. Kinda sad about it. Well, I think I'll be sad at all the stages of this Operation.

I brought my two dogs over to Mumsy Bumsy's place tonight, where they'll be staying from now on. The house is all quiet and lonely now. I even came back from Mumsy Bumsy's place, put my keys on the table and thought, "Should I let them out now or later?", when I realised that they aren't even here anymore.


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