Monday, January 19, 2009

I listen to Capitol FM

I've been listening to Capitol FM on 88.9 quite often now. I've never really enjoyed Hitz FM cuz they always play the same tunes and it just gets so mundane. Thank God for CD players. Even worse than the track repetition, actually, is that the DJs on Hitz are pretty mindless. They sound so upbeat and enthusiastic ranting along, but they're actually not saying anything at all.

The DJs on Capitol FM aren't more intelligent or wittier, but they (most of them, anyway) just say what they need to say in a normal tone of voice. They don't shout at you or try to appear hip if they're not. I mean, I do get that the DJs on Hitz have to cater to the young audience and have to be hip, but if they need to talk a lot more than other DJs, at least FIND something to talk about! Do some research, come up with some quizzes... just do something that isn't mindless, enthusiastic yelling!

I also like the variety of music they play on Capitol. It's not a mix of eras like Mix FM (which is another mundane station), but a mix of genres and I love that. It reminds me that the world is full of things, other than RnB, hip hop, rap and other black music.


frachely said...

did they pay you for this lol

Mumsy said...

wat abt chris moyles? im sure u stil like his show even if the other bugger is stupid :) england's more than one joker :)

shoobaba said...

i wish! but i wrote it anyway cuz i applaud any radio station which dares to play not-so-mainstream stuff.

i LOVE chris moyles! i crave the day when local djs dare to do what he does. and do it well.