Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brainless copywriting

I'm sure most of you who watch TV must've heard this commercial before. Well, maybe non-Malaysians won't know it, but how many of those read my blog? :P Cue non-Malaysians clicking on 'Leave me a kiss!' to prove me wrong.

Just tell me this isn't one of the strangest and most brainless pieces of writing you've heard on TV...

"... Siapakah Alexander The Great?
Dan siapakah Zulkarnain?
Adakah mereka orang yang sama?

Saksikanlah jawapannya dalam...
Alexander Bukan Zulkarnain."


"... Who is Alexander The Great?
And who is Zulkarnain?
Were they the same person?

Watch the answer unfold in...
Alexander Is Not Zulkarnain."

Kinda defeats the whole purpose of watching the programme.

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