Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wasn't supposed to be a rant... but it is.

Why the heck is KL traffic getting worse and worse the more supposedly 'developed' we become? If more people are buying cars, why can't the authorities improve public transportation to help alleviate the pain of driving... or do like Singapore and restrict vehicular movement boundaries? Or take away the stupid tolls which have been repaid a hundred times over so that more people can use them and spread the traffic out?

So freaking irritating.

* * *

I'm heading to town this evening to have dinner at 7atenine (there, I've spelt it in full once again... my fingers deserve a reward for this extra effort) before rocking it up with Mogwai.

Mogwai is a Scottish post-rock group, for those who were asking me about it. Yes, it means ghost or devil in Cantonese... apparently they got it from the movie Gremlins (according to Wikipedia).

I haven't been to 7atenine in a really long time, so I guess it'll be good to go back again for some good food. And it'll also be good to get down there early so I don't have to rush for the concert, which is at the Convention Centre.

I hope Mogwai (and the venue... what a strange place to have a rock concert) is worth the RM130. JUST LIKE I HOPE RIHANNA IS WORTH THE BLEEDIN' RM288 I'm paying.

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