Sunday, September 28, 2008

Murderers. Plain and simple.

The murder of the student from Chad in Wangsa Maju is SHAMEFUL. And damnable! How could some Malaysians behave like this? Is it so hebat that there are twenty of you wielding metal rods, knives and sticks? I'm sure the person who stabbed him in the back didn't intend to kill, but kill him he did and he shall answer for it, if not to the Malaysian police (whom I very much doubt will do anything about it, as much as the woman who asked my sister if she 'mau ais' in her drink twice, brought ice in her drink in the end), then to God. For as they were Malay youths, they were Muslims, and therefore answerable to their God. Where did they learn that it was okay to stab people or intimidate them?

Sure, big black guys can be intimidating, I've seen them fight amongst themselves and make a lot of ruckus in public, but I've never seen them disturb anyone they don't know. And even if they did, it absolutely does not warrant an attack.

In fact, some of the most respectful Catholics I've seen have been black. I don't know where they're from, so unfortunately, I can only refer to them as blacks, but I'd never say it in a disrespectful way.

The poor victim was 22, he had a wife and a newborn, and he was looking forward to returning home to Chad to celebrate Hari Raya. The killer and conspirators must pay for robbing so many people.

It's getting more embarrassing every day to tell people that I'm Malaysian because everything they hear these days is bad.

On another note, I can't believe some Malaysians don't even know what's going on these days. Type 'Free RPK' on your MSN and see how many people ask you, "who's RPK ah?". It's embarrassing! And it really winds me up. Sign of trouble? "Go Australia lah". No wonder people call you pendatang.

Where else in the world would we fit in, really? Nowhere, I'm telling you, honestly. Nowhere else.

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