Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girl-on-girl action

Most of the male population seem to be turned on by threesomes, or lesbians, or just knowing a girl who has kissed a girl. Or is that a myth?

I've heard of straight girls turning lesbian, and even lesbians becoming straight. As a guy, though, would you get turned on knowing your girlfriend used to be a lesbian? I know I'd be freaked out if I found out my boyfriend used to be gay.

This post isn't sexist, or 'sexual-orientationist', but just an opinion of mine, and how uncomfortable I'd feel if I found something like that out. And I think I can speak for many females.

But how about males? Since they seem to love the idea of girl-on-girl action, would they also love to have a girlfriend who used to be a lesbian?

All opinions welcome. I'm curious.


Kevin Too Yip Jen said...

Personally, I find lesbians interesting. And I think it would be hugely cool to go on a date with a lesbian turned straight.

Bottom line is, gays or lesbians. They are the same. So yea, why close of your choices of loves to half of the world's population, when it is such a liberal time that we live in, with regards to sexual orientation.

shoobaba said...

i don't have a problem with anyone (except brainless human beings), but if i were to get intimate with someone, i would rather not have an image of him getting hot and heavy with another guy!

elleLee said...

him being a used-to-be gay wouldn't stop me from falling for him now but yeah it'd be awfully weird. imagine being dumped over a hotter, younger, haha.