Saturday, September 06, 2008

National Service? Run!

Sorry, sorry, Kel (and others), I've been very preoccupied with having my boyfriend visit. Yes! He was here for two weeks (yippee!), but has just gone back to UK (sigh).

Anyway, I've been reading Ah Yap's blog, which is - according to him - "better than reading newspaper". Do pay a visit to him, he has a very humourous way of writing, and the best part about his blog are his notes on intelligent investing. But what I wanted to note down here was a comment someone left about the NS (National Service).

You'd think after so many years of running the NS, people would get used to it and stop objecting and avoiding it, but how can you start accepting it when there are still so many casualties? And these are teenagers, worryingly getting fatally sick, who are supposedly doing a useful and helpful activity. When will the people in charge learn to take these deaths seriously?

Ah Yap's post was on how to trick people into choosing the option you want them to. He asked his readers to give other examples, and Anon came up with:

Najib during fuel increase: Do you want to live moderate lifestyle or face higher inflation?
(doesnt mater because fuel increase will lead to inflation anyway and our moderate lifestyle become no lifestyle so that fella can keep the petronas profits for himself and cronies and other arms deals etc etc)
Najib about NS: You can go to NS or go to jail.
(both decision leads to somethig bad anyway, but at least if you choose jail you might not end up dead)

And I thought I was the only one who thought NS trainees had a higher risk of death at training than in war.

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