Monday, June 23, 2008

Knowing your limits hurts

All of a sudden, I feel really depressed. The day started out fine, with me turning my Mac on and starting work with a nice cup of tea. Then I got a call from Slavedriver, saying that one of my clients wants to see me because I sent her a brochure that I was apparently supposed to redesign, but which looks like the old one. I got confused and called her directly to ask her what she meant. It was just a misunderstanding, and we worked it out in the end. Still have to see her tomorrow morning, but to sort out other work.

That episode kind of shocked my system a little, as clients don't usually have problems with my work.

Then in the afternoon, I got a reply from another potential client about a website design. She'd emailed me for a quote last month, and then didn't reply, so I followed up last week, asking what the situation was. Today she replied saying that her friend loved my fee but was looking for stronger, more conceptual designs that's specific and unique to her start-up company, instead of general designs like what I have done so far. She was very friendly about it, and I thanked her for coming back to me.

However, I'm getting depressed. I just took a look at my web portfolio and started to feel quite down. One of the reasons I don't create very conceptual website designs is that I don't have the skill to produce on web what I can do in print. I am, after all, a graphic designer, not a web designer. My forte is print. Although most people are happy with the website designs I create for them because I tell them in advance what they should expect.

Of course that lady had the right to look elsewhere for more advanced web design skills, but I guess it's the rejection and realisation of my limits that hurts.

I thought I'd done quite okay so far. But I guess this jolted me and made my pedestal shake a bit, nearly throwing me off. In fact, I think I have been thrown off. Now I'm just trying to hang on and climb back up again :(

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