Saturday, June 28, 2008

Great night out at Aliyaa

A few of us went for dinner at Mama's Kitchen in TTDI last night. Since Zlynn had just come back from 6 months in London, we thought she should have some good ol' local Chinese coffee shop food. I guess the food was okay, but I can't say that the so-called famous loh shee fun lived up to its name.

Chia was so dressed and ready to club last night! Poor him had been deceived, as we'd only planned to do a bar night. After a brief session at some old fart place in Plaza TTDI (where we watched some wrestling... yes, it was that kind of old buggery place), we shipped off to Aliyaa in Damansara Heights. This was more like it!

Eager to shake the dust off my feet, the three of us who were there earliest sat down for some wine while waiting for the others to arrive. Friends kept trickling in and it was so great to be able to actually sit and talk with these people who I'm usually shouting nonsense at on Saturday nights. Took some wacky photos (which I don't have... yet) and wined all night. All in all, just a great session in a very nice place.

Looking forward to tonight! :P

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