Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's what time?

Okay, honestly, it's already nearly 10am now so I shouldn't call this early. However, I DID wake up at 8.15am today because I had to deliver a document to a client by 9am. Thank God for Daddy's driver.

It was so very hectic yesterday because the client only gave me ONE day to amend a 24-page newsletter AND print a mockup. I told her I would give it to her on Thursday, she says okay, then emails to say that she's on leave Thursday, so can I give it to her on Wednesday? What the...? But because I'd messed something up in the first draft, I felt obligated to do better this round.

And I achieved it!

Not without lots of panicking, rushing around to the other studio with the big A3 printer, then finding out that Mac didn't have the fonts I was using, so I had to call poor Mumsy Bumsy to go over to mine and teach her how to find the things I needed and email them over. I finished just in the nick of time because I also had to go to Actor's Studio Bangsar to watch Sybil, which, incidentally, is a very good production. The two lead actors for Sybil and Yoshimura were brilliant.

Was a bit skeptical about watching "100 minutes of relentless torture", but it turned out alright (although I did wish the story would move on after about 60 minutes).

Loving the Chronicles of Narnia Part 1 soundtrack, by the way... need to get Prince Caspian next time I go to Victoria.


On another note, last weekend I had planned to launch Operation Tidy Up at home, but it didn't work out. Can't remember why. I've already taken some "before" pictures, but the "after" scenario isn't quite ready yet (an understatement if there ever was one). Let's aim for this weekend.

And I fell down again at BarClub last Saturday. It's starting to be a very embarrassing trademark of mine.

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