Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's up with me?!

I was going to say something cutting about the new MyVi "SPORT" but I don't wanna get hauled in by the ISA. You know how dangerous we bloggers are. HAHA!

So I shall talk about something else. In a happy turnout (pardon the pun) of events, my ballet teacher announced last night that she wants to start me on pointework 6 months from now! Looks like my resolutions will come true faster than I expected. I must be doing something right there... yikes, hope I don't injure myself and get ugly feet *shivers running up and down my spine*.

Just stole a glance at my MSN Messenger list and saw Jason's message - "nothing is IMPOSSIBLE". Today it seems more inspiring than before. Perhaps because I've been worrying so much about future projects and how to get the money I want to spend on things I so want. I guess this is the time to really challenge myself and get out of the Lazy Team and into perseverance mode.

Aiyoyo, I sound so serious this morning.


Mind's blank now, so guess I'll go makan.

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