Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sitting, sitting, sitting here freezing is all I do all day, every day, any day.

And now a medical breakthrough: I get headaches just by sitting, sitting and sitting! Or maybe it's logic. HMM... I... oh yeah I'm supposed to google Lego and find out where it's from.

Oh, hey, remember the maid at my office who was stalking me? Well, it seems we're friends now because we just had a nice little chat in the toilet. Yeah, we bitched about how it rains every day and how it's so susah for her to go home because she has to wait for the bus. Mmm.

...yeah... it's now 3 hours later and I still dunno where Lego is from. *Some* disorganised people have just come to mess up my evening. I'm now in such a pissed mood I'll end this post here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jun Yi, Jon here.

Lego came from Denmark, from the mind of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a poor carpenter from Billund, Denmark

Hope that helps.

shoobaba said...

Hi Jon, thanks for the knowledge. My colleagues were wondering if they were Swedish. Looks like the day has started out better than yesterday ended :P