Monday, April 23, 2007

Extraordinary! And a bummer do.

I'm in an extraordinarily and surprisingly good mood today. I only noticed it when I came to work and gave a goofy smile to a colleague without even making sure if she was looking at me first.

Maybe it's cuz it's the first week after closing the magazine and I know I can relax a bit more. By the way, "closing the magazine" meaning completing the issue, and not "close shop". Maybe it's cuz I'm wearing a new top and a nice flowy skirt which makes me feel like a proper ballerina :P

Talking about ballet, I've resolved to complete two major major tasks by the end of 2008 - which is 1) to go en pointe, and 2) to be able to execute satisfactory splits. You heard it here! You can hold me to it!

I just saw Nick the Sub online - in Singapore! What do you think you're doing online in Singapore?! Get out on the streets, dude! Tsk tsk!

OMG I just remembered Sharry Berry's karaoke do on Saturday night. Sorry, Shaz, but it was SO not worth the money we paid! Will definitely think twice before going back there for a nighttime do. And also will think twice before going with people who choose 50 year old songs. If I wanted that I could've gone with my dad :(

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