Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nick The Sub

As I write this on Nick The Sub's computer, I have to say that he SPEAKS VERY LOUDLY indeed.

It's 20 minutes to 6pm and I'm so eager to get out of the office! Thank God today my creative block has been lifted somewhat, and I managed to do something remotely creative in the magazine. There's still much Photoshop to discover. Hmm...

I just started a MySpace page! It actually sucks pretty much. It's so bloody difficult to customise (unlike Blogger *blink blink*) and the layout of everything is really messy. If it wasn't for the huge opportunities for networking I wouldn't bother. HEEEEEEEH :P

Have you ever been in a public toilet when someone else in there has done something really embarrassing? Today seems to be the day it happens to me. I went in the morning, and shortly after, someone else enters a cubicle and starts groaning! And I'm talking MAJOR GROANS like when trying to get poo out during constipation. In between the groans was a bit of muttering and some slapping noises. I think it was Slapping of the Backside. I ran out of there in a hurry.

After lunch, I'm in the cubicle again when another person comes in and proceeds to make a Huge Whooshing Fart. A very airy one. I ran out of there in a hurry too. Might be the same culprit, who knows?

Everyone, please, just be courteous and try to hold the gross noises till you know the toilet is empty...

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Nickmaniac said...

hehe I'm not the only one though!! Someone else does too, ask me who tomorrow... ;)