Thursday, February 15, 2007

To old friends!

So I hear that old Kiangs is back for a bit.

I haven't seen him in years! Fatts says they're going out tonight for dinner at Mid Valley. Tempting, but... I'm off to Penang tomorrow for CNY with dad, so need to pack, spend some time with Mumsy Bumsy and spend the rest of the time with Heroes and Elleh Bo Belleh.

Hey, Sharry Berry and all ya peeps out there, call me for drinks/partying with Kiangs... cuz I'm FREE I'M FREE!!!

OTE closed yesterday during normal working hours (gasp!) and I was in such a good mood yesterday I patiently let several cars into my lane after work. Which, I might mention, didn't even receive a single wave of thanks from them rich buggers (all in BMWs and Mercs... unforgivable!).

Oh before I forget, I must display my first OTE cover here for all to see. Hmm, I guess I'll put it on the sidebar like Nicky C does on his egomaniacal blog - can't remember the URL now, refresh my memory!

Cheers all! (in a relatively good mood today)

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