Friday, February 23, 2007

PHOTOS: NY2007 @ Somo

As promised, here are some handpicked New Year's (not Chinese, those will come later) photos, courtesy of SweetJo, whose Multiply site is linked on the right of the page.

A big thanks to her for not putting up compromising photos of me :P

SweetJo and moi.

SharryBerry and me looking a little too happy to be 'normal'.

AAJase destroying poor Fatt's cute face!

Fatts getting his own back. And Gary looking awfully macho.

Chia looking like he's predicting the future of carrying me back to Sharry's!

All of us - and my Big Foot.

Gary looking a little worse for wear.

OMG... ME looking a little worse for wear.

FairyJoyce and SweetJo sharing a cheesy moment.

Boys taking the photo op to grope each other again, as usual.

What am I doing? I don't remember. I think Teng's trying to avoid me in that mood too.

Happy friends.

Jess, Sharry Berry, me and the Stryker.

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