Thursday, February 15, 2007

PHOTOS: Official Launch of 789 @ Ascott KL

April Fool's Day 2006, official launch of 789, the chic new resto/bar in town.

The theme was white and boy, oh boy, was it dazzling and dripping with beautiful people! I didn't take many personal pictures. I remember taking a picture with Elaine Daly but can't remember which party at 789 that was. Think it was a watch (clocks and watches) party.

Anyway here are some beautiful people...

Some weird space vintage creatures from Planet Aluminium et moi. Love those slippers. Unfortunately I tore them apart a few months ago.

Dancers from Planet Plastic. What the heck are they using as props? Still, they were funny.

Edwin Sumun and me being all intoxicated and stuffff. Sexy!

Don't sue me, these two may not have any relation to each other at all, but don't you think they're so good-looking they belong together?.

Sofia and Julia who were seniors in my school although they probably don't remember lil ol' me.

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