Thursday, February 15, 2007

PHOTOS: At work and at play

Pics of me working during my stint at 789, the bartender par excellence :P

Haven't been there in a while now but I love the peeps there, so friendly, so... as Mel would say, "Cappucino!". Mumsy Bumsy was so great to ask them to celebrate my birthday early during my shift. I rarely get huge birthday surprises with so many people so it was brilliant! After our briefing for the night ahead, they asked us to wait a bit, and then out came a huge brownie cake JUST FOR ME! Wowowow :) Thanks Mumsy and all you guys at 789! It was special!

Liza, BabyAmanda, Sham, Mel (behind), me and Mumsy Bumsy.

Liza and moi. Great chick she is.

Me and Atun, I call her Big Lady Boss cuz she always knows everything that goes on.

Professional bartender me.

CoolFrankie the bartender who won 2006 Cocktail of the Year. Love that guy.

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