Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another round of the Birthday Wish List!

As my birthday's coming up soon and people will be asking what I want, here's the Ultimate Birthday Wish List of the Year of the Boar (for me, anyway)!

In no particular order...

Birthday WIsh List 2007 #1

  • A standalone oven big enough to bake cakes and muffins
  • The new iMac desktop
  • Funky or vintage home decor
  • A payrise
  • Lots and lots of interesting, humourous books to read à la Jeremy Clarkson (but I've read those already) and Susanna Clarke (also read both books)
  • Venice and Paris again. Alternatively, another romantic place in Italy or Mykonos in Greece.

What NOT to get

  • Earrings
  • Photoframes
  • Damned useless and ugly ornaments
  • Food
  • Cups and mugs or any other cutlery and tableware

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