Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It really bothers me

It puzzles me how people can get so wrapped up and enthralled by feng shui, ba zi and face-reading, future-predicting methods such as these. It strikes me that many people don't want to be religious because it involves self-sacrifice and following a certain lifestyle. But what about feng shui? Does it not involve reading your horoscope frequently, buying ugly ornaments and living your life a certain way, for example, not going out on your "bad luck" days, wearing lots of metal to counter-balance your very earth-heavy element - and those are just the simple things. Do you really want your whole life to be dictated to you just because you have certain marks on your body and because two or three stars out in space have died and no longer shine? And I say dictated because if you don't listen to these signs, the price of petrol may rise yet again next year...

Maybe it's because it allows those people to believe they have some control over what happens to them. Although, most of the things that they believe come true are really self-fulfilling prophecies. Think about it.

What about predictions for the coming year? Will the country be politically stable or will there still be immature bickering among parties? Why ask Joey Yap? Ask a political analyst. Ask an economist. Ask a real estate agent. Ask people who are experts in their field. Why ask the stars, who were put there eons ago and are merely living and dying, not caring what earth people do? Why consult our moles and scars about our future? Does that sound right to you?

A friend of mine who follows this closely believes that her relationships will never be as fulfilling as she would like them to be because of some facial feature or some self-element she possesses. What does that tell me? That she will always settle with second-best. And that she will be dissatisfied but say, "What can I do about it?" then subsequently grow old crying in front of her life-sized, 8-legged golden frog.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you, Xiaojie Cat!
Malaysian Devil!