Friday, November 03, 2006

What? Another maid story!

So yeah, I know I've been devoting a couple of posts to this maid in the office, but honestly, when I don't see her, she's not in my mind at all.

I think she knows that.

Which is why she's now keeping ominous reminders around the place to cast a shadow over my life here at work. What am I talking about? Well, I came to work this morning, all awake and sipping my packet Milo drink. When I got to my desk I remembered that I had to pass the HR people something so I went out of the office again. They're located in another block of offices.

Waiting for the lift, I pondered various important world issues. Like how I'm getting to the bank later to retrieve money. And whether the Interbank Funds Transfer at Public Bank online is working yet. They're taking far too long. One wonders if there's something wrong with the system.

Then the lift doors open and what do I see? "Someone" has kindly left their mop bucket full of soapy water and some objects floating around in it right in front of the lift buttons. I guess I should be thankful "someone" was considerate enough not to just plonk it in the middle of the lift. Thing is, the lift buttons are only placed on one side of the lift so everyone who steps into the lift has to lean over the bucket and press the buttons. Why not just move your bucket 3 feet to the left and not block anyone at all?

Well, I may not have seen The Maid today but she is definitely on my mind.

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