Saturday, November 18, 2006

Melaka on the menu

Here are pix from when Gary and I were in Melaka last year. Unfortunately we arrived too late for lunch so there wasn't much choice for food. The place didn't seem to have changed much from the last 20 years. It really seems to be stuck in the past haha. Sigh... okay I didn't mean to offend any staunch Melakans. It's just been a long day at work. Here goes them pix!

View from inside the local museum

Still inside the museum

I think this was on top of St Paul's hill just outside the ruins

In another museum

Really really nice pic taken by Gary of the shutters in the museum (yes, museum again)

Gary's booty

Me looking out some really nice green windows of... yes, a museum

Out on the streets of Melaka and away from them pesky museums haha

Lots of cool shopping in Melaka for traditional crafts and food items

An image worthy of being a part of my Motorcycle Chronicles

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