Friday, September 15, 2006

Why do maids have to be so noisy?

I walked into the lift today at the office and we happily made it past all the basement car park floors without stopping. Yippee, no one's gonna stop my journey today from the lowest floor to the second highest. People usually do.

Unfortunately, just as I thought me and the lift were safely past the ground level, it turns out that the levels appear on the screen before we actually arrive there. So when I thought we were about to touch 2nd floor, my lift stops at the first (ground floor). After a few seconds of silence while the open lift doors were waiting for the ignorant person outside - in walks a maid.

She makes a grunt and smiles at me so I give a warm smile back at her. Nothing wrong with being friendly to fellow human beings. That is, until she starts scratching her ear? hair? I thought at first that she was digging in her ear. But the scratching sound was really loud. It could be her hair... but then it could be her ear too, who knows? After digging/scratching in there until the 6th floor (mine's the 7th), she finally releases her finger from its job and looks at it.

I can tell you honestly, now, I was so, so afraid she would flick that whatever away from her, in the direction she was facing... which is in my direction. Thank goodness no such thing happened. She was civilised enough to just wipe the whatever onto her uniform. Which made me realise the germs that must be on the lift buttons. When you're in an office you sort of just assume that the only people who touch things are fellow office workers. Granted, some of them may not wash their hands after the toilet (I have seen it right in my own office), some of them may flick whatevers, but... you somehow assume that they will be relatively "clean".

But, well, we can't avoid pressing lift buttons, can we?

Anyway as I reached the 7th floor, the maid came out with me and I just stepped into my office. I sat down at my computer and started sorting articles for Monday's paper. Now, my desk is next to the pantry which has cutlery, a microwave oven, a fridge and a water dispenser. A few minutes after sitting down, the maid walks in, flings open a few drawers, rummages around the cutlery, throws some on the counter, takes a mug from goodness-knows-where, wrestles with the water dispenser, grunting and throating, gurgles down the water, punches the mug into the wall, gives a whoop of congratulations (to the wall, I assume), slams the mug down on the counter in a headlock and promptly leaves.

Now is that making your presence known, or what?

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