Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Still on the subject of maids, I was in the lift yesterday (as I am every day from Monday to Friday, what joy) and it stopped on the 6th floor. After waiting a few seconds, the person outside, who seems to have the reflexes of a jumbo jet, came strolling in and lo and behold - it was the Maid.

There I was at the back of the lift and she in front. Me hoping she wouldn't flick something else at me and she hoping I'd... I dunno, give her my car? So, like I said before, my office is on the 7th floor and I thought, okay it's only one floor, nothing will happen. And just before the lift door opens I hear... a fart? a burp? an internal clearing of the throat? I'm holding my breath whichever one.

She has definitely left a lasting impression on yours truly. Now I know I can always expect something from her. What a great thing it is to have some consistency in life, isn't it?

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