Thursday, September 07, 2006

Writers and pseudo-writers

I had two ideas in my head today about what to write. I was gonna write about humans being multi-faceted and having many dimensions to them as opposed to only belonging to one so-called "group" for instance, "new staff" or "fresh graduate". There are also other dimensions to a "new staff" which could be "bright and intelligent", "independent and responsible" or also the opposite, "have to spoonfeed her" and "have to treat her like a dumb dog". I think managers and employers need to realise this in order to gain the respect of their "new staff" whom I don't expect them to know very well yet, but they have to be able to look into a person and gauge their level of maturity. Hmmph.

Anyway... my second idea was to write about pseudo-writers, if that's even the right word. What do you call a person who writes and calls themselves a writer but in actuality can't really write to an audience?

I really can't stand these sort of writers. Only one comes to mind at the moment - a young girl in her twenties who writes for the Actors Studio newsletter every month. I'd rather not write her name here but suffice to say that although her English is good, she intends to serve up detailed descriptions of everything using an Oxford dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus. Aaahhh... actually, using ambiguous words sparingly in an essay does not annoy me. But giving minute descriptions about mundane things that are not even remotely interesting, exciting, useful to know, or humourous is just plain irritating..

I don't think any of the people involved in my rants today will ever read this post so, well, hopefully aspiring writers who do read my post take my humble opinion into account when writing their own ramblings.

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