Monday, September 11, 2006

Of sportspersons

So I was watching Top Gear on BBC World last night, which is a half hour show (depriving us of the full one hour version shown on BBC2 in UK). I guess we should be thankful they even show Top Gear. Brilliant, brilliant show.

Anyway, it was on for 5 minutes and I was curled up on the sofa getting ready for some much-needed giggles when suddenly... BREAKING NEWS came on. I was like "Whoa.. what could've happened in the world now?" And then this lady comes on and announces... "BREAKING NEWS... MICHAEL SCHUMACHER IS RETIRING AFTER THIS SEASON". And I'm like... this is breaking news?! you interrupt my Top Gear with news that this guy is retiring? Sure he's big and famous and successful and all that jazz, but is it really that important? Would you categorise this as "Breaking News" - the same category used for "Planes fly into NY's Twin Towers killing 10 000 people" or "War breaks out in Lebanon" or even "Croc Hunter killed"? Mr Schumacher is a great sports success, but not everyone is interested or affected by his retirement.

To make it worse, after the breaking news, they didn't even continue Top Gear from where they cut in! Well, c'est la vie.

After Top Gear came Parkinson. His first guest was Thierry Henry (I believe this was shot last year so it's a fairly old interview) and not only is this French guy good-looking, he comes across as a really intelligent character too and a guy so devoted to his game that it's hard to not like him. If most people in sport were like him, what a joy the sports world would be. So Thierry Henry, well done! I may not watch your games, but I know you deserve the success you have gained. :)

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