Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a little note

Yikes! Okay I know I haven't written in a LONG time but I've been SO busy working and shopping it's crazy! Hehe...

Now all I need is a belt...

And, yes, I've been working too... it's been nonstop, with people asking me to do this and that job. I suppose it is good for me to get money for my travels. But I don't have time! Argh... and I'm going up to Genting this Sunday too with the family.

I still haven't watched Madagascar! But I've been quite up to date with the French Film Festival here. So far I've watched Arsène Lupin, which is quite a confusing show but charming anyway. And Les Choristes which was a really really pleasant show (the one nominated for Best Foreign Film and Best Song at the Oscars this year).

Lounge Paris: Velvet Underground is happening this Friday night. Apparently " evening dedicated to Parisian lifestyle and nightlife." Got this all from the FFF flyer. Well, still deciding if I should go, since I haven't been getting enough sleep.

I really really must remember to put up the pics from the parties in April! Gosh... I totally forgot about them. I'll try to remember this weekend. Till then, take care everyone!

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