Sunday, June 19, 2005

Beach Babe's 21st Birthday Bash

This party was also in April, but better late than never, eh? Pictures, I mean.

By the way, I just got a new keyboard, a real tiny, slim one because the normal desktop keyboards make my hands really tired cuz I have to lift my fingers up higher to hit the keys... hehe... I'm used to the laptop keyboard. So anyway, this keyboard is pretty cool, but I need time to get used to the miniscule Space Bar. I always accidentally press ALT instead! I guess this keyboard is even smaller than a laptop keyboard... imagine that.

Okay here are the pictures.

Birthday Girl et moi.

The Woman et moi.

The Woman lapsing into childishness.

Mel et moi.

Birthday Girl with Pooch (Lacey).

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Anonymous said...

you look FANTASTIC in your first photo..actually, good in all of color is great too.