Monday, March 21, 2005

Joyeux Anniversaire Catherine!

Hehe... I had a nice birthday. Although the 20th is my birthday, everything seemed to happen yesterday on the 19th. Sharon threw a surprise dinner party for me which was really nice of her and the guys. Unfortunately I ordered a Red Lantern cocktail and felt really sick after that. The owner asked me what I had and I told him, and he said "Oh it was YOU who drank it! I thought it was one of the guys". Apparently that mix is for guys. Sheesh... the name is so feminine I thought it was nice that's why I ordered it! Anyway, felt a bit bad the whole night till about an hour or so after I drank it.

And anyway right now I'm a bit tired from the heat and my right wrist is a bit weak and numb, no idea why. Tomorrow is supposed to be hottest day here, so drink lots of fluids and stay in the shade, Cat! Seeya, guys.

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