Saturday, November 13, 2004


So are many of you guys travelling this holiday?

If you're planning to go overseas and money's a problem (especially with our exchange rate nowadays!) try visiting airline pages and see if they have a 'special offers' page. Those are really good, but they don't wait for you to decide! They keep changing, sometimes daily, sometimes even by an hour! Make sure you've decided thorougly and usually dates can't be changed with special offers like these.

Another problem with our declining currency is spending money overseas. When I went to Paris I ended up spending triple the amount I thought I would because, not only is the exchange rate high, their stuff are so wackily priced! I mean, you can buy a Dior perfume for the same price as dinner!

So my recommendation is to find online websites that give discounts on visiting touristy places. When planning my trip to London, I found this site which gives great discounts and offers. Also there are other things you can do like country walks etc and you can usually find these at which also has a great route planner if you're planning to drive around. Some other great ways to save money on travelling is by using the actual railway network website, like which gives discounts on its services.

These are some ideas to help you save money on travelling in these economically and financially challenged times for our country. Unless, of course, you're loaded and drive around in a limo. In that case, you can leave me a name and number in the Comments section.

Working Holidaymaker

I have a question to ask, hopefully someone who knows these things comes across my site. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a working holiday visa approved for the UK?

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