Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lotsa pictures and stories

Lots of pictures today!! A real feast for everyone!

Also I wanted to let my readers know that I'll be sending my laptop off for servicing either today or tomorrow. But don't fret, I still have other means to write in my blog! Just wanted to share the good news!

Lots of things happened these past few days, on Saturday night, went out for dinner with Sharry Berry, Gary Giggs and Nobita to Little Havana (I think it's called) opposite Le Bouchon in Bukit Bintang.

Gagging at the horrendous food. Or was it the pricing?

Giggs and Nobita before they got the bill.

Umm... can't remember exactly where this was taken but it was near the resto.
Havana - all the whites supporting Arsenal while Giggs mumbles curses under his breath every time they cheer.

Considered dropping by here after dinner to listen to some music. In the end, we just walked by... they lost some rowdy customers that night.

Nice lanterns. Very Asian. Malaysia. Truly Asia.

Me and Sharry Berry doin the nice gal pose. Not that we aren't nice.

Can't remember this place either, but I liked the lighting. Very cosy and intimate. Boy, I'm not doing very good advertising, am I?

I don't know how traditional it can get if the prices are so high. Boy, you can get traditional Malay food for 1/4 of the prices here, I bet. Oh right, we're paying for the AMBIENCE (pronounced om-bee-yonce)

Sharry Berry pretending to be interested in the football match. She's actually biting her fingernails.
Giggs is just not ready to give up the limelight. He and the oyster are trying to get into the picture. Tsk tsk.

Um... this place looks better in real life. I think.

Right... me and my mom at lunch at a hotel on first day of Raya. Hi Mummy!!
Well, then, time for me to bid adieu to my trusty laptop. See you guys soon!

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Anonymous said...

hahahah the first pic is great!
Im the same as not interested in football either.
Good to see u still going sweety. I have new pic to show u..and i have a copy in colour haha..because i know how u hate my black and white pics.
Pocky man xXx