Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Salesgirls @ Sungei Wang

You walk into a shop and start looking at clothes.

Salesgirl Type A : Ignores you from the moment you walk in and even if you glance at her to greet her or ask her for help, she looks away. Usually ugly and grumpy looking.
Verdict : A little irritating.

Salesgirl Type B : Looks at you and sometimes acknowledges your presence. However, you KNOW she knows you're there because she starts tripping over your heels no matter how many zig zags you take up and down the aisles (sometimes blocking your way). Never says a word. Usually young, blur and not so good-looking.
Verdict : Pretty darn irritating.

Salesgirl Type C : Greets you when you walk in with a big smile, asks you to try on all her clothes. Usually well-dressed (in the Sungei Wang style) and takes out every single skirt and shirt for you to try. Asks you how it fits once you enter the changing room. Asks you how it fits once you come out. When you say it's not suitable, she suddenly doesn't seem to know you're there. Has a grumpy face when you leave. Usually an older woman.
Verdict : Most irritating. Hello? Manners? Two-faced *toot*!

Salesgirl Type D : Perfect, unobtrusive, speaks when she needs to, helps when she needs to. Basically 0.01% of salesgirls in Sungei Wang. But I did meet one at Kojiki Fashion House at the rooftop. She also speaks both Cantonese and English very well. A definite plus sign in my book.
Verdict : Wish all salesgirls were like that.

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Anonymous said...

Search this thing - it is hilarious how people cant even spell right when they are selling something on eBay