Friday, November 05, 2004

Holidays are approaching...nearer...nearer...nearer.......

It'll be so good just to kick back and sit on the couch watching DVDs the whole day... SIGH...

Yesterday was exciting!

Mom called in the morning and said I can't go out because there's "a snake in the garden"!! Yes!! A snake! Our third one, I believe. Oh gosh... anyway, it was rather exciting to have DBKL come over and get the snake. They kept kicking and kicking the snake and it was so reared up to bite them. It did cross my mind to get a video or some pictures of it, but it was just so exciting. Anyway I guess the snake got tired and his head was still up, and that's when one of the guys grabbed his head with his hand and subdued it. BOYS AND GIRLS, PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Don't think I live in a snake-infested area okay! These things happen...

Anyway, thanks K for your help with my PC problems... I did try Shareaza but I can't find what I want there. I guess after I send my laptop for its long-awaited overhaul I'll install Kazaa Lite.

And Pocky Man!! Thanks for gloating about your PC!! Actually, I do have one other custom-made PC at home, but that's pretty sucky as well. I have Ad-Aware on that, so no popups, but there must be something disturbing it because sometimes it gets really really slow and even though my laptop has more memory, it runs games faster! WEIRD.

Maybe you're wondering why there're so few pictures nowadays, but I just feel lazy to upload my pics to Geocities. I'll do it when I have more time. Right now I'm still rushing on my final assignments and feeling a little stressed.

You know what? One of my group members quit! SIGH... means extra work for us. Even last semester we had one member quit. Remember, Bea?? What's this, a pattern or something?


Yes! I went shopping! (And, yes, I know I don't have time, but my mom invited me out after all...hmm hehehe).

Grandpa G went paintballing yesterday. Tsk tsk... he shouldn't be doing such rough activities at his age.

Oh if [Chia Chia] Binks is reading this, he might want to plan a paintball outing for end of November. Let me know!

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Anonymous said...

lol no problem :D

oooh.. Grandpa G rules!