Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Krazy kat

I like to say how our Pim is like a cat-dog (or dog-cat). I've never had a cat before Pim, but Schrobbenmaster's had lots of experience throughout his life. So whenever Pim does something that goes against my belief in cats (I believe cats are snobby, proud and loners), I have to check with Schrobbenmaster if I've been wrong in my assumption on cats or if Pim just really is odd.

Pim just really is odd.

He does have his cat moments, but he has many, many dog moments. He's always following us around the house, always lying close to us and begging for attention. And that's just some of it.

Here's to the most precious cat in the world :)


frachely said...

heyyyyy don't steal yunichan's concept!! :P

shoobaba said...

But Yunichan is a boy-girl/girl-boy! Pim is a dog-cat/cat-dog :P

frachely said...

nooooo yunichan is a boy! he's not a pondan!! :P

And he's a puppy-cat, never a "dog"! blogged abt it 3 or 4 yrs ago so at least i have proof haha

I don't usually correct others cuz it's too troublesome. Ppl around me (and yunichan) has gotten used to the puppy-cat part tho hehe

shoobaba said...

Oh gosh I don't remember him being a puppy-cat! But I know his name comes from 'unisex' so... :P :P

shoobaba said...

Well you can't deny the facts though... Pim is still a dog-cat/cat-dog. Guess that's why they had rivalry when they were together!