Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

So this is my 600th post, I just realised. How nice that I've chosen to write a post on my birthday 10 days ago :)

The whole weekend was absolutely fantastic - Schrobbenmaster surprised me all day. I hadn't the faintest idea what he was up to, but it turns out... we spent the afternoon at the zoo! I've wanted to go since autumn last year, but it being too cold to be outdoors, we never bothered. So sweet that he remembered :D

For dinner, he surprised me yet again by bringing me to a Chinese restaurant almost around the corner from our house. Turns out that the owner is a lady from Penang who's an award-winning and Michelin star chef. And her husband is an award-winning HK dimsum chef. Ah, power couple. Even sweeter than finding this little restaurant hidden on a small lane, was that he had called previously to even request Malaysian dishes for me. Aww! So first we had the usual dim sum fare from the restaurant, and to finish off, Jenny, the owner, brought us her own self-cooked chicken rice and char koay teow. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera for the dinner because I had plans to go clubbing that night. But here are pics from the wonderful Diergaarde Blijdorp (the zoo).

Started with the ocean route...

The penguins were so cute and playful! And also way too fast to snap photos of.

Then we found the special place with the new baby polar bear, Vicks. It was his first day being allowed out of his 'house' and he's about 3 months old. So cute!

Those birds behind are of the most amazing fluorescent red. Such brilliance!

Trying one of frachely's special timer photos. They're quite fun to do!

Strange looking bird with a bird body and flamingo legs.

"Vulture with hernia - this vulture can only carry one person! And of course only on his back!"
Flying game for kids.

Too sunny... too sunny...


I took photos of a lioness but she looked so sad I couldn't put it up. The lions are kept in the old part of the zoo that hasn't been renovated. And their enclosure stinks like crazy too. Poor lions *sniff*.

Anyways, after the surprise dinner, we met up with some friends at Level, the cocktail bar near our house, which was way too crowded, but we stuck it out and managed to nab two tables in the end. Got a pair of earrings and a gift voucher from De Bijenkorf from Vicky, Harry and Joel. I think I'm gonna use the gift voucher on something new for the new house. By the way, have I mentioned we're getting a new house? Can't remember...

And after Level, we wanted to go to Catwalk for some dancing, but it was waayyy too smoky even from the upstairs entrance. So we drank at this bar called Breakaway where girls were dancing on the bartop... and even the barman, who wasn't even remotely hot. And later on to Rotown where the music was slightly better but the sound system kinda sucked.

Was a fun night and I'm glad I didn't have to wake up the next day with a hangover! Gawd, I'm glad :P

Hello random girl who just poked her face into the photo and gave Schrobbenmaster a shock :P


Here's a picture of me at the dinner, enjoying awesome dim sum!


frachely said...

Aww that's so sweet of him! Jangan pandang sini pandang sana :P

I like the photo of the penguins (the one before the polar bear),looks 'artsy' to me haha

Oh I love your dress! :D

shoobaba said...

Thankies! My sister got me that for Christmas :D