Friday, November 14, 2008

Into thin air

I have been spending so much money lately, it's not funny. And it's not even to clothes shopping! Once I get my hands on some RM50 notes, they literally fizzle away. Sigh.

First, it was a new PC to replace the old one which kept crashing. I keep this PC as a backup for... I dunno what for. But the little terrors love it, so...

Then it was that Amanda Brown dress which is splendid, but which still magically siphoned up quite a few RM50 notes.

After that, it was a new mobile phone (stupid Sony Ericsson S50i keys keep getting stuck and crack themselves, I'm fed up!). This one I'm quite excited about as I'll be going back to my beloved Razr, specifically, the Razr2, which is supposed to be better. It'd better be!

And, what? Christmas is coming up? I'm gonna start pulling some people's hair out if I don't get paid on time this month!



On the very day I blog on how much money is slipping away from me, Sunshine Mary very nicely takes me to Telawi to return her borrowed clothes to Mooie, and I end up purchasing some very nice stuff from there and Moca too! Grrr...... luckily they were all on sale.

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